I’m Rachel, an artist since the age of 5. I’ve expanded my deep-rooted passion for art and writing into painting and creating for others, in addition to providing business consulting services. I help small businesses facilitate communications in the following ways (and more!):

My background is in marketing, communications, social media, digital marketing and public relations. I have a Masters in International Public Relations & New Media Marketing (graduated with a 3.95 GPA in 2015 from Arcadia University); my Undergraduate Degree is in Communications & Public Relations from The University of Rhode Island. I’ve most recently worked corporately in the arts industry for the largest art supply manufacturer and distributor in the world, so I understand a fast-paced environment: stakeholder management, branding/marketing, digital collaboration with advertisers and ambassadors, helping to support all facets of the business (sales, HR, brand managers, etc.) and align them in accordance to set objectives, e-commerce/face-to-face promotion, as well as staying consistent to consumers.

I strongly believe that art has healing properties, and I love being able to share my gift with people, whether that be thru a commissioned art piece for someone’s home, office or re-branding for a company, it’s vision and/or logo.

Nothing says, “I care about you” like a one-of-a-kind, original gift for someone you care about or even yourself!; because self-care really is not selfish!

You do deserve that marketing boost! Your job as maid-of-honor is to help your best friend with the best for her big day, so YES, I can create custom wedding signs for you! You deserve to finally spoil yourself and buy a piece of art that reflects your space and soul! Your business will benefit from the extra public relations and digital marketing suggestions! 


So let’s get the conversation started…

Feel free to send me a direct message here, on Facebook, or on Instagram @Rachelfoxart —

I can also be reached on LinkedIn.