Flower Request Painting

unnameddOriginally I had planned on painting a sunset landscape for my dear friend Kayla, but instead I decided to paint some flowers.  Her request had given me the choice between flowers and a sunset painting, and I am happy with the direction I went with because she expressed that she loved it.

I wanted to experiment with a technique I had practiced with watercolor, but instead using acrylics.  Something I enjoy doing with watercolors is painting a simple wet on wet background (meaning I wet the paper first and also use a wet brush to paint), and then using a fine point marker, I draw the picture I want.  In doing this, the watercolor painting looks more whimsical and is more open for interpretation.  An example of this can be found on my paintings page; the pink watercolor background helps to highlight the drawn carnation flowers.

To prepare for Kayla’s gift, I prepped my canvas board by painting it orange, and let it dry overnight.  The next evening I sat down to get started.  I chose the brushes I would need, which is a very important step, and I proceeded to sift through the array of orange paint hues I have.  After choosing which colors would make the cut, I began to paint bud-like flowers.  In doing this, I made the shapes of the flowers more ambiguous, so when I went back with a thin brush and black paint, the detailed outline would have a similar affect as the watercolor technique.  After I outlined the flowers in the way I wanted them to look, I went back with the brightest yellow I had to highlight some areas.

The painting did not take me long at all.  I text messaged Kayla a picture of it that same night, and received the response, “I love it” followed by 9 smiley emoticons and 4 heart ones…I was so pleased!