If you would like a personalized art piece or have general comments or questions, please comment below to express your interest. 

Inquiry completion is based on project type and time needed to complete a request. All inquiries will be considered and responded to. Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “Inquiries

  1. Carol Houston Reply

    What a wonderful web site. You are such a talented young lady. I am very proud of what you have accomplished and the great things that I see in your future. While I like all of your work I especially liked the last drawing of what, to me, seems like the yin and yang of sun and moon. I also enjoy photography and the way your eye might see something that no one else sees. I would love to show you my own collection one day and perhaps you can give me your opinion on them. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

    • artsyfartsy Post authorReply


      Thank you so much! It truly means a lot having your support in this venture. I would love for you to share some of your own photography with me! I hope you will continue to check back to see what other things I am continuing to work on.

      Many thanks and much love,

      • Carol Houston Reply

        While I might not be as good as my brother-in-law I do enjoy photography. I just wish I knew how to enhance the pictures – something I’ve never had the time or taken the time to learn. Next time you come to visit I will show you some of my own collection. I truly am so proud of you for so many reasons and I could definitely learn a lesson or two from you.
        Much love

  2. Sue Reply

    Hi Rach! I love the website, very professional and the blog aspect is personal, inviting and inspiring. So I’d like to but the Blue Lotus painting, let me know the procedure.

  3. Sue Reply

    You are listed as “certified to teach Ross Landscape Method” Do you do classes?

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