Art is one of my deepest passions. It helps me get through rough times, clear my head, be creative, and ultimately be myself. Different mediums give me differently clarity. I love to get lost in acrylics; paint until the hectic color in my mind all flows onto the canvas. Watercolors allow me to create movement and meaning with water. However, the effect can be just as beautiful if less water is used.  Painting of any kind is my favorite process to partake in.

Occasionally, I will use a combination of acrylic and oil paints for a more textured result. I prefer to use smaller sized canvas when creating paintings. Canvas board serves as a great stage to work on; paints go on easily and dry quickly. I recently purchased a small, wooden easel to help provide additional perspective while painting (it can be seen in some of the images below). Feel free to take a look at some of the paintings I have done that are featured below.