I suddenly realized I haven’t painted in over two weeks.  My excuse is that I am out of canvas, which is true; I desperately need to pick up more.  Two other friends of mine have requested me to paint them things.  I was so thrilled how excited Christine was over her request for a friend, that I grew anxious to get started on the additional ones.  My dear friend Briana had asked me to paint her a Buddha on canvas.  She had seen some of the other work I did with the icon, and wanted something in the same style.  I used a mix of acrylic and oil on the one Buddha painting I did, but am planning to stick with acrylics for Briana.  I asked her what colors she would prefer, and was pleased she left it up to me.

The second request had come from my friend Kayla.  Recently she has moved to California, and I believe her request of a sunset painting reflected that.  Thinking back to previous works I have done, I don’t believe I have ever done a sunset.  It might make it worth my while to research some techniques other artists use to make sunset compositions.  Even just looking at pictures sometimes allows my mind to create my own plan for execution.  Unlike Briana, Kayla made specific mention of what colors she would prefer.  With that in mind, it provides me with a clearer idea of a scene I could paint or think up.

Sometimes doing my art falls to the back burner of everything else.  I often forget that losing myself in my paintings in turn helps me to find myself.  The clutter of everyday life sometimes causes me to get unfocused and a bit hazy.  I enjoy the feeling of being creative and drawing internal feelings and emotion onto a surface.  Keep an eye out for some posts highlighting the requests I have gotten from Briana and Kayla.  Feel free to let me know if there’s something I can paint for you on the inquiry page!