Buddha Request Painting

BuddhaI was happy to finally have some free time this past weekend.  Saturday proved to be a bit gloomy, so I decided to stay in and paint.  My mom is never thrilled when I take over the kitchen table, converting it to my own little art studio.  I proceeded with caution, taking out the canvas I had primed the night prior with pink paint.  I laid down multiple layers of old newspaper, got a paper plate for my acrylic paints, and paper towels in case there was a mess (but there has never been one).  My mom had been watching, “You know I am having a dinner party tonight, right?”  I responded with laughter and shook my head yes.  My painting would be finished before the afternoon was over; it would dry as a party decoration.

My friend Briana had requested I paint her a Buddha about a month back.  Her only requirements were that it be pink.  I enjoyed the freedom Briana had given me, so I chose a vibrant pink to paint the canvas board solid.  After letting that dry over night, I began to think of the style I wanted to paint in.  Buddha is an icon I have painting before, but always in a more statuesque way.  For Briana, I focused more on the detail of the image I gained inspiration from.

I used dark grey and navy blue to almost sketch the Buddha with thin lines and designs.  I felt like I was getting lost in the movement of the brush, and before I knew it I had been painting for about two hours.  I completed the painting by signing my initials in the bottom right hand corner.  After sending a picture to Briana, she expressed that she loved it—I was so excited!  I carefully positioned the finished painting on my small wooden easel as I set it up on the ledge closest to my kitchen.  My mom loved the painting…and from what I heard her part guests were impressed as well; she couldn’t be too angry that I borrowed the kitchen.