Please consider commissioning me to help you with your next big or small event and/or celebration (basic pricing is listed below). I take extreme care in providing the perfect hand-lettering to my clients, and I ensure the write messaging and display is utilized in order for readers to see and understand the message clearly. See below for some examples of my work!


*pricing is subject to change depending on your specific sign commission needs*

1-3 (SM) Signs: $25 — $45

1-3 (LRG) Signs: $45 — $115

6 (SM) Signs: $200

6 (LRG) Signs: $450

SMALL = less than 16×20″     LARGE = bigger than 16×20″

*custom sizes/quantities available * wood/material OR shipping/packing costs are NOT included in above estimates*

  • “Paradise” (Purchased, Large Wooden Sign/Keyhook for a Custom Commission — $65)
  • “All You Need is Love…” (Purchased, Small Wooden Sign for a Custom Commission — $15)
  • Personal, hand-lettering sign I created for an Art Show Event


  • Created (9) Hand-Written/Painted Custom Signs for my brother’s Cape Cod beach wedding September 2018. Below are some examples from his beautiful, big day!
  • Created (6) Hand-Written/Painted Custom Signs for Alexa O’Rourke–a truly beautiful Soul Coach working out of CT. Her website is–she offers amazing services in order to find your best-self!:
  • Featured signs from my good friend Sara Sunderland’s, and husband Jimmy’s, St. Patrick’s Day wedding: read the featured blog here! Below are photographs of my work featured on Sara’s big-day taken by The Canvas Photography (an Orlando, FL based company):